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New! Freeware!
BySoft Network Monitor 1.1 - easy network monitoring

(Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP compatible)

Network Monitor displays all kind of information in real time (1-second update) about all network adapters (network cards, RAS connections, virtual cards, server monitoring for web hosting) in your system. And it is FREE!

Data displayed for each network adapter:

Current download speed
  • Current upload speed
  • Total data downloaded
  • Total data uploaded
  • IP address
  • Adapter speed
  • MTU size
  • Adapter type
  • MAC address
  • Status
  • Admin status
  • In unicast packets
  • Out unicast packets
  • In non unicast packets
  • Out non unicast packets
  • In discarded packets
  • Out discarded packets
  • In error packets
  • Out error packets
  • In unknown protocol packets
  • Output queue length
  • Installation instructions:
    Download NetworkMonitor.exe and run it

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