InternetPal is 32-bit win95/98/NT/2000/XP program for monitoring Internet connection. The program automatically monitors calls and detects connection types. It runs in the system tray. Detailed information about the connections is stored into the log file, and it can be showed in table or graphical form. Statistics shows number of connections, upload, download, connection speed, average transfer rate, cost, online time�


Detailed information about current connection is shown on main window:
  • time on line
  • connection type
  • average upload and download speed
  • total download and upload
  • current IP address
  • connection speed
  • program status (online, waiting for call...)
  • number of units used
  • percentage of current unit used
  • connection cost

Display can be modified so you can select information you want to see. Also you can see most of the information if you go over tray icon with mouse pointer. While connected, part of current unit is showed graphically in system tray. With right mouse click on tray icon, popup with program options is shown. If you double click on tray icon, main window is shown.





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