Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have paid registration a month ago and I still didn�t get your answer. What is the problem?

A: Most common reason for this is wrong email address (this happens very often). Check that your return email address is correct. If you send registration by mail it is possible that it is lost in transport

Q: After I entered registration number nothing happened. What is wrong?

A: First check that you entered registration information exactly as it was written in email you received. Program will be registered next time you start it. If it still says it is not registered contact us at

Q: How do I turn off splash?

A: In options deselect "Show splash". Only registered users can disable splash.

Q: Does InternetPal work under Windows� NT or 2000?

A: Yes, everything except connecting to Internet directly from InternetPal.

Q: InternetPal starts every time when my computer starts. I want to start it manually only when I need it?

A: In options deselect "Automatically start program when windows start".

Q: InternetPal shows its window every time my system starts. I want to start it but without showing main window?

A: In options select "Start in system tray".


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