v 19/4/2000 NEW!

  • added german and spanish language...

v 14/4/2000

  • problem with languages fixed...

v 6/2/2000

  • internal changes...

v 3/2/2000

  • New instalation

  • internal changes....

v 27/1/2000

  • Changing of the web address and email: www.bysoft.com and info@bysoft.com

  • internal changes....

v 13/1/2000

  • Connection speed is now showing under NT and WIN2000

  • internal changes ....

v 11/1/2000

  • Languages

  • internal changes....

v 19/12/1999

  • Correction of saving data into connections.txt

  • System tray popup menu is "closing" better now
  • Languages
  • Statistics - internal changes
  • internal changes....

v 21/11/1999

  • Total and average transfer rate display now works under NT and WIN2000

  • Saves "Connection log" window size
  • Link to Statistics from "Connection log" window
  • internal changes....

v 05/11/1999

  • Display and saving of total download and upload

  • Display of current transfer speed (KB/s)
  • IP address
  • Connection speed
  • Display of current caption data in active window caption
  • Always on top
  • Tariffs can be imported and exported
  • Sounds: on connect, on disconnect, end of unit, alarm ...
  • Language
  • Disconnect and disconnect at the end of the unit
  • New Statistics module for displaying connection log in graphical form. Many chart types are available (bar, area, line..., 2D, 3D). Data can be sorted by days of week, by hours of day, by days...
  • and many more...

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